About Us

Marco Acoustic Canada Inc. was founded in Vancouver B.C. Canada in 1995. Their focus has always been on the design & development of professional loudspeakers & amplifiers.

Since 1995, Marco Acoustic has developed numerous professional high end full-range & versatile speakers such as line array systems, active column array systems & the extra slim subwoofer series that is especially designed for small rooms. All of which became very successfully speaker series.

In 1998, to expand their product line, Marco Acoustic developed strong high-grade & high quality reliable amplifiers that are Class AB & Class H. Both amplifiers used fully symmetrical pairs power transistors & large current toroidal transformer for the power supply. The amplifier is both reliable & gives more headroom. Furthermore our design team is currently researching SMP Class D type two & four channel amplifiers, which will be in production in the near future.

True innovative solutions have been brought to the market through the implementation of advanced technologies.

Our aims & goals today are unchanged; we continue to focus on manufacturing & distribution the best solutions for the professional audio user.

Marco Acoustic defines the standard of professional audio - we provide the best for our worldwide clientele.

For enquiries contact our distributor info@marcoacoustic.com